Table of Contents

next page Introduction - a brief description of what's involved and how to use the tutorial
  Setting Out Your Page - develops a simple page layout and introduces some basic tags
  Hyperlinks - how to connect, or link, from one document to another
  More on Hyperlinks... - setting up targets within documents
- how to link to other documents on the Web
  Colors - using named colors as a page background
  More on Colors... - extending the range of colors available
- explanation of color codes and the 'safe' palette
  Text Tags and Line Control - using the common, and often misunderstood, <P> and <BR> tags
  Text Alignment - aligning headings and paragraphs
  Lists - using the various different types of list tags
  Text Size and Color - how to set font sizes and color
  Other Text Tags - monospaced and preformatted text
  Graphics Tags - sources of graphics images
- graphic image formats
  Aligning the Image with Text - aligning images left and right
- transparent backgrounds
- image border
- adding 'space' around an image
  Graphics File Formats - two types of image format
- use of thumbnails
- resizing and resampling
  Animated Graphics - an example of an animated graphic
- where to find suitable software
  Tables - basic tables tags
- column widths and setting colors
  Spanning Rows and Columns - more complex table design
  Page Backgrounds - textured backgrounds using tiles
  Stripes (1) - using tables to produce a 'stripe' down the page
  Stripes (2) - using a wide tile to produce a background 'stripe'
  The Transparent GIF Trick... - controlling table column width
  Frames - setting up a basic FRAMESET document
  More on Frames... - setting frame sizes and avoiding some of the dangers
- catering for non-frames browsers
  Bullets and Buttons - using small graphics files to enhance your pages
- using bullets as hyperlinks
  Neat Things to do with Buttons - using simple JavaScript to produce buttons that change
- swapping one image for another
- buttons that 'depress'
- alphabet buttons
  Special Characters - how to deal with some 'special' characters
- making use of non-breaking spaces
  Image Maps - linking to different documents
- defining image map areas: rectangles, circles and polygons
- resolving overlapping areas
  Improving the Look of Your Pages - setting different fonts - font 'families'
  Getting Your Pages Noticed - search engines and directories
- robots and spiders
- using metatags
- pointers to further resources
  Functionality and Forms - using forms to process information to a CGI script
- using free HTTP server software to run and test Perl scripts
- setting up a simple form and a Perl script to process it
- splitting query strings to extract the data
  More on Forms... - radio buttons, checkboxes and text areas
- sending 'hidden' data
- selection lists
- using an image as a submit button
- password protecting a page
  Pointers to Resources: - free CGI scripts
- Perl: software and documentation
- cookies: how they work
- graphics: sources of free graphics
- HTML: specifications, cascading style sheets
- Java: resources
- steganography
- search engines: how they work
- software resources and downloads
- validating your HTML code
next page Perl scripts - setting up and running the HTTP server software
- testing your Perl scripts

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