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Text Size and Colour

You've already seen how to set the colour of your text. It is possible to alter the relative size of the text. The normal font size, on a scale of 1 to 7, is 3. You can make the font a little smaller or larger relative to this as follows:

<FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#33CC66">hi there</FONT>

You can experiment with different sizes using plus and minus signs. but bear in mind what we said earlier about, for example, partially sighted people who may already have their font size set to larger than normal. There may well be others who won't thank you for trying to impose your font sizes on their use it with caution.

Other Text Tags

Preformatted text appears exactly as you typed it, complete with line breaks and so on. It is printed in a monospaced, or non-proportional, font and could be useful for doing a simple table.

                Jan     Feb     Mar
     cherry     35      47      18
     lemon      10       2      12
     lime       27      32      33

Finally, you can have blinking text if you use the <BLINK> tag:

<BLINK>Now you see it...</BLINK>

In all honesty, though, it has to be said that this one really gets up a lot of people's noses, so play with it by all means, but you are well advised not to use it unless you have to...

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